Automatic Garage Door Opener

There are three types of automatic garage door openers: chain, screw and belt.

Chain Garage Door OpenerChain drive garage door openers are perhaps the most popular option as they are the cheapest, and efficiently get the job done. The chain interacting with the metal trolley will cause these openers to be relatively loud. These are usually priced anywhere between $100 to $175. Remember, when considering this product, you’ll need to purchase the necessary oil to maintain the metal chain.

Screw Drive Garage Door OpenerScrew drive garage door openers generally involve a threaded steel rod which the door will use as a guide to open and close. Due to the fact this assembly is essentially using a huge screw, the operational speed is a little slower than a chain or belt system. These systems are generally priced anywhere between $150 to $250.

Belt Drive Garage Door OpenerBelt drive garage door openers are by far the most quiet as well as the slightly more expensive solution you can purchase. Using a rubber belt to raise and lower the garage door, while maximizing noise reduction by absorbing the majority of vibrations, these systems are priced around $170 to $300 or even more.